Zulu RT® (STRECK) 


The Zulu RT is a rapid, modular qPCR instrument capable of performing four independent experiments at one time. It can perform a 40-cycle, 6-channel 3-step real time PCR in less than 20 minutes. The Zulu RT does not sacrifice test volume for speed; it provides less than 20-minute qPCR for volumes from 10 up to 50 µL. Ramp speeds of 15°C/second heating, 12°C/second cooling and precise thermal control allows the Zulu RT to perform rapid, 6-color detection faster than any other instrument in the world for large volumes.



  • Rapid cycling, fastest in the world
  • Modular, up to four separate tests at once (+ allows multiple users at one time)
  • 6-color detection
  • Random access of the individual modules



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