StemCell Keep Cryopreserving medium without DMSO and serum (Funakoshi)


StemCell Keep is optimized cryopreservation media for primates ES/iPS cells by keeping high vitrification ability with low cyto-toxicity. 

Animal derived protein-free; Serum-free; DMSO-free ; Xeno-free.


  • Animal-derived Protein-free and DMSO-free formulation. No risk of differentiation effect by DMSO.
  • Maintain ES and iPS cells with colony formation by vitrification.
  • Maintain stem cell pluripotency after thawing.
  • High cyto-protection effect and vitrification technology by new original cryoprotectant material is allowed to cryopreserve ES and iPS cell colonies.
  • Sufficient for 100 vials. 
  • Free of bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma contamination.
  • Long shelf life. The product is stable for 2 years at 4°C after the date of manufacture


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