ZF Plate - 96 well microplane for easy alignment of zebrafish (Funakoshi)


ZF Plate is a 96 well plate for drug discovery screening by using zebrafish. You can easily align zebrafishes just put them into the wells and spin down.


  • Alignment rate : > 70%
  • Glass bottom plate makes compound screening more efficiently and quantitatively.
  • Quantitative Image Phenotype Analysis is possible by using High Contents Imaging System.
  • High S/N ratio analysis data is available by aligned zebrafish.
  • Disposable & non-autoclavable 


Plate Size (mm)  127.76 (W) x 85.48 (L) x 14.35 (H)
Plate Material/ Color Polystyrene /Black 
Bottom Material / Thick (mm) Silica Glass/ 0.72
Weight (g) Non-cover: 72; With-Cover: 95
Temperature (°C) 0 - 40
Maximum loading amount per well (μl) 250
Sterilized/ Unsterilized Unsterilized



Sample :

  • Anesthetized zebrafish (young fish, 3 dpf – 6 dpf )

Required Instruments :

  • Microplate Centrifuge (With flashing function)
  • Micropipette (100 – 200 μL and 1 mL, each one)
  • Pipet tip (Wide mouth, low adsorption type recommended)

Protocol :Take zebra fish with anesthetic solution (75 μL) by micropipette and put them into well slowly

  1. Flash the plate (200 - 250G) by Microplate Centrifuge
  2. Monitor the plate by High Contents Imaging System
  3. After monitoring, add adequate anesthetic solution and take zebrafish by micropipette

                      Monitoring by High Contents Imaging System
  A. General 96 well microplate                               B. ZF Plate


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