The Exo-spin™ technology - exosome separation and concentration (Cell Guidance Systems)


The Exo-spin™ technology combines precipitation and size exclusion chromatography (SEC), making it a superior method for exosome separation and concentration, allowing for high specificity and high recovery of exosomes. Using only precipitation for exosome isolation will result in co-purification of large amounts of non-exosomal proteins and other material as well as carryover of the precipitant. SEC is reliable for exosome isolation, but a precipitation step is needed to concentrate your sample prior to SEC isolation. If there is no precipitation, a lower exosome recovery will be observed.  


Exosome isolation in less than 10 minutes...




Exo-spin™ is available in 5 different configurations represented with catalogue codes EX01, EX02, EX03, EX04, and EX05; specifically designed and optimized for different sample types and downstream applications.



 EX01 Exo-spin™ kit comparative data
NTA measurement of samples prepared from cell culture medium: (a) Exo-spin™ yields significantly higher numbers of vesicles of the expected 40-120 nm size range than alternatives including (b) ultracentrifugation (c) competitor kit. The size distribution profile obtained with Exo-spin™ most closely resembles ultra-centrifugation. Lower rRNA contamination levels Analysis on Bioanalyzer instrument shows RNA preps (Trizol) following (d) Exo-spin™ purification from cell culture samples compared with (e) ultracentrifugation or (f) competitor kit.

Data determined by nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA). Each curve represents the average of 3 technical replicate measurements for each exosome isolation method triplicate experiment. (PM = Precipitation Method). Figure taken and adapted from (Martins, TS et al., 2018).  


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